VA Bridge Loan

The purpose of the VA Bridge Loan is to provide one time funds for a first time or a recently deployed returning student who is a veteran and whose stipend check/ VA benefits have been delayed.

Students may be eligible for a bridge loan if:

  • They are a first-time or recently deployed returning student veteran
  • Their VA benefits will be delayed
  • They have no other means of income or ability to pay living expenses


  • Student will complete the application at the UNCG Financial Aid Office.
  • Financial Aid will determine the amount allowed for the loan.
  • The Financial Aid Office will send a copy of the application to the Third Party Billing Representative in the Cashier’s Office for final approval. Verification that the bill and the bridge loan can be repaid will be determined.
  • Once approved by both offices, the student will be notified and will receive Bridge Loan funds.  This can typically be done in the same day.

All bridge loans must be repaid within the current semester.

If a student feels that they would benefit from a bridge loan, but their situation falls outside the parameters of the policy, a student can submit an appeal to be reviewed by Financial Aid.