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Veteran Bridge Loan

The purpose of the Veteran Bridge Loan is to provide one time funds for a first time or a recently deployed returning student who is a veteran and whose stipend check/ VA benefits have been delayed.


Students who believe they meet the following criteria can contact the Veteran Resource Center or VA Certifying official to further determine eligibility and to obtain an application form:

-First time or recently deployed returning student veteran

-Benefits will be delayed

-Student has no other means of income or ability to pay living expenses

Student will complete the application and return it to the VA Representative. The VA Representative will determine the amount allowed for the loan, either 75% of first check or $2000. A student can receive no more than $2000 from a bridge loan.

The VA Representative will send a copy of the application to the Financial Aid Office for approval and record keeping purposes.  The FAO Representative will send a copy of the application to the Third Party Billing Representative in the Cashier’s Office for final approval. Verification that the bill and the bridge loan can be repaid will be determined.

Once approved by all three offices, the student will be notified and will receive Bridge Loan funds from the Cashier’s Office after signing off on intent to repay.  A $5 processing fee will be applied to each Bridge Loan.

Loan must be repaid within the current semester.  The earliest the loan can be applied for is the week before classes start for the semester.  If a student feels that they would benefit from a Bridge Loan, however, their situation falls  outside the parameters of the policy, a student can submit an appeal to be reviewed. The appeal committee will include the VA Representative, a member of the Financial Aid Office and a member of the Cashier’s Office.