CH33 – Post 9/11 GI Bill

The Post 9/11 GI Bill provides active duty members, reservists, National Guard members, and veterans who have served qualifying Title 10 or Title 32 active duty time since September 10, 2001 a comprehensive education benefit.  The Transfer of Entitlement program allows for qualifying spouses and dependents to be eligible if benefits are transferred to them from the service member. Generally, Post 9/11 benefits include the following:

  1. In-state tuition and fees paid directly to your school (certain limits apply so please check with your school for details)
  2. Books and supplies stipend paid directly to you via direct deposit
  3. Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) paid monthly to you via direct deposit

The amount of tuition paid and rate of pay for books and housing stipends depend on the amount of active duty time your spouse has served since 9/10/2001.  This is represented as a percentage range from 100% to 40%.  The more active duty time served, the higher the percentage and higher the amounts paid as the table below shows:

At least 36 months 100%
At least 30 continuous days active duty and discharged due to service connected disability 100%
30 months to 36 months 90%
24 months to 30 months 80%
18 months to 24 months 70%
12 months to 18 months 60%
6 months to 12 months 50%
90 days to 6 months 40%

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