Office of Military-Affiliated Services


UNC Greensboro has a proud legacy of embracing veteran students dating as far back as the Woman’s College alumnae returning from service as WAVES, WACS and nurses in World War II. Today, we strive to create a welcoming and constructive atmosphere for one of our nation’s greatest resources: our veterans.

Military-Affiliated Services is committed to our ongoing mission of:

Coordinating services for veterans, active duty military personnel, and their dependents, serving as a liaison and advocate for military affiliated students, improving military-affiliated student success, and developing a sense of community between our military and civilian populations.


Military-Affiliated Services Team:

Chris Gregory

Director, Military-Affiliated Services

Chris Gregory earned both a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and master’s degree in Industrial Labor Relations from West Virginia University.  Chris also earned a master’s degree in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs from UNC Greensboro.   He began his career in education working in Housing & Residence Life (HRL) at UNCG. When the university first created the Veterans Resource Center (now Military-Affiliated Services), Chris was asked to lead the effort and build the program from the ground up while still working full time in HRL. Chris returned to the Office of Military-Affiliate Services to serve as Director in 2022.  He lives in Gibsonville with his wife and two children, and his hobbies include serving as a Cub Scout leader, watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspur, and backpacking. 


Milvia Sadler

VA Certifying Official, Military-Affiliated Services 

Milvia Sadler manages course certification for VA educational benefits each semester and helps students answer any questions they may have about things like residency, course certification, graduation, and changes to plan of study. Milvia is a Winston-Salem native and has earned degrees from the University of North Carolina and Penn State University. She joined the staff at UNCG in October 2002.




Amy Cook

VA Certifying Official, Military-Affiliated Services 

Amy has been at UNC Greensboro for 17 years, working directly with administration and accounting in various offices within the Division of Finance and Administration. In her previous position in the Cashier and Student Account Office, she advocated for military-affliated students within the UNCG community regarding finances matters and supporting our students by promoting the Military Deferment Payment Plan. She is dedicated to keeping students engaged with their studies, being a source of knowledge on various topics, and being a caring staff member always available to listen to and assist students.  Due to her extraordinary commitment to serving veteran and military-affiliated students, Amy was awarded the UNCG Military-Affiliated Services Excellence Award in 2020.  Amy moved to the Office of Military Affiliated Services in 2021 to continue her advocacy and support of military-affiliated students directly.