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Military & Veteran Services

A resource for future, current, and past UNCG military-affiliated students

Faculty/Staff who have completed Green Zone Training

Angie Moore Student Services Coord. Admissions
James Best Asst. Athletic Trainer Athletics
Nadia C. Brown Academic Advisor Bryan School
Jessica Quatrucci Academic Advisor Bryan School
April Judge Academic Advisor Bryan School
Sharon Lilly Business Services Coordinator Bryan School, Dean’s Office
Alexandra Marchesano Director Campus Activities and Programs
Mike Ackerman Assistant Director Campus Recreation
Erik Unger Asst Director for Academic Skills Campus Recreation
Kenny Norris Associate Director Campus Recreation
Sarah Cheffy Assistant Director Campus Recreation
Kaitlyn Bayley Assistant Director Career Services
Linda Whited Associate Director Career Services
Kala Taylor Assistant Director Career Services
Jonathan Adams Asst. Director, Career Engagement Career Services
Shannon Bennett Associate Chief of Staff Chancellor’s Office
WendyMathes Staff Counselor Counseling
Matthew “Alex” Thibeault Clinician Trainee Counseling
Brett Carter Dean of Students Dean of Students
Robert Barker Assistant Dean Dean of Students
Mary Anderson Associate Dean Dean of Students
Julee Johnson MALS Advisor Division of Continual Learning
Trina Gabriel Online Student Recruitment Division of Continual Learning
Trish Plunkett Business Officer Enrollment Management
Lauren Dukhoff Business Coordinator Enrollment Management
Elena Medeiros Advisor Enrollment Management
Chris Ratliff Counselor Financial Aid
Stephanie Jobe Counselor Financial Aid
Roberta McDevitt Senior Counselor Financial Aid
Amy Berrier Assistant Director Financial Aid
Becky Muich Academic Advisor Honors College
Maggie Gillespie Coordinator Housing and Residence Life
Ryan Collins Coordinator Housing and Residence Life
Erica Farrar Assistant Director for Academic Enhancement Housing and Residence Life
Megan Delph Assistant Director for Residence Life Housing and Residence Life
Chris Gregory Coordinator Veteran Resource Center
Beth Ann Koelsch Curator Women Vet Project Libraries
Mark Villacorta Assistant Director Multicultural Affairs
Brad Wrenn VAP Project Manager Nursing
Bruce Pomeroy Director Office of Accessibility Resources and Services
Porshe Chiles Assistant Director Office of Multicultural Affairs
Karen Core Office Manager Office of Multicultural Affairs
Ashleigh Best Assistant Director Office of Leadership and Service Learning
Nikki Baker Strategic Initiatives ORED
Elizabeth Cranford VA Certifying Official Registrar’s Office
Linda Dunston-Stacey VA Certifying Official Registrar’s Office
Lisa Henline Associate Registrar Registrar’s Office
Brad Johnson Faculty School of Education
Phil Simpson Faculty School of Nursing
Britt Flanagan Faculty School of Nursing
Donald Kautz Faculty School of Nursing
Susan Letvak Faculty School of Nursing
Jacqueline DeBrew Faculty School of Nursing
Peggy Markham Staff School of Nursing
Dawn Wyrick Staff School of Nursing
Brad Wrenn Staff School of Nursing
David Kinsey Staff School of Nursing
LaToya Winslow Staff School of Nursing
Jennie Rikkola Staff School of Nursing
Wayne Johnson Staff School of Nursing
Debra Wallace Faculty School of Nursing
Rachel Adams Graduate Student SPAHE
Regina Zanin Counselor Student Health Services
Lori Hinsley Staff Psychologist Student Health Services
Matt Strupp Physician Assistant Student Health Services
Mark Eades Counselor Student Health Services
Keilan Rickard Psychologist Student Health Services
Jessica Lombardi Counselor Student Health Services
Kristin Norden Social Worker Student Health Services
Shawn O’neil Asst Director for Academic Skills Student Success Center
Erin Morrison Coordinator for Tutoring Services Student Success Center
Ashley Green Academic Recovery Specialist Students First Office
Pat Combs Student Services Specialist Students First Office
Amanda Phillips Academic Recovery Specialist Students First Office
Clay Alexander Associate Director Undergraduate Admissions